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TreeFrog Pro 1

Our best-seller, the TreeFrog Pro 1 bike rack is a double layer roof rack that features a unique figure-7 shape, placing the vacuum cups in a perfect triangle for maximum holding capacity. It holds 1 bike (up to 20kg). No e-bike!!! The Pro 1 double layer Polycarbonate deck has 3 TreeFrog vacuum cups, each rated to hold 110kg, a fork mount and a strong ladder strap rear wheel holder. The 9-15x100mm universal fork mount securely holds either a standard 9mm quick release or a 15x100mm fork (with our Boost spacer works with 15x110mm mountain-bike), no need to switch out fork mounts! Pro series are available with different 12mm, 15mm and 20mm thru axle fork mount sizes (including Lefty fork) with no extra charge. It’s a great choice for any car, and it even fits in a backpack, so traveling with it is easy, and it’s an excellent choice for use with rental cars and can be mounted on the roof, hatchback, or rear window.

The TreeFrog Pro 1 bike rack weight is 2,8kg.

  • It holds 1 bike up to 20kg.
  • Pro series are available with different fork mount sizes  with no extra charge
    • 12mm,
    • 15mm and
    • 20mm thru axle
  • No ebike!!!
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